1. When will the order be shipped? 订单将在什么时候发货?
    All order will be shipped within 7-10days after payment.所有的订单将在付款后的7-10天内发货。

2. Can delivery to East Malaysia?可以送货到东马吗?
   Yes,We can arrange shipping to East Malaysia and also can ship to Brunei.可以的,我们可以安排送货到东马 也可以送货到文莱。

3. How much does the shipping fee ?运输的费用是多少?
   Ordering RM3000 or below will not include shipping fee. Postage details, please contect our customer service.订购RM3000或以下的订单将不包括运输费用,运费详情请联系我们的客服。

4. How much does the shipping fee of East Malaysia?东马的运输费是多少?
   For East Malaysia shippping fee details,please contact our customer service.

5. What should I do if the goods are severely damaged during transportation?如果货物在运输过程中严重损坏,该怎么解决?
   If the goods are seriously damaged,please take pictures and contact our customer service, we will solve the problem in time.如果货物受到严重损坏,请拍照联系我们的客服,我们会及时处理问题。

6.What should I do if I receive  an incorrect or incomplete product (wrong size ,pattern,missing quantity)如收到出现错误或不完整的产品(如:尺寸错误,样式,数量遗失)该怎么办?
If receive an incorrect or incomplete product, please contact our customer service.如收到出现错误或不完整的产品,请联系我们的客服。

7.What should I do if I order the wrong item and want to cancle order?如果订错货了想要取消订单该怎么做?
Please contact our customer service and we will solve with the problem.请联系我们的客服,我们将会为您解决问题。

8.Where can I check my order or whether my order has been shipped?哪里可以查询我的订单记录或者我的订单是否出货了?
Please go to ''My Purchases'' to check  the order details.请到页面的“My Purchases''中查看订单详情

9.How to use the discount coupons?优惠劵怎么用?
When placing an order,enter the coupon code. 当下单是输入我们给予的优惠码即可。

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